Sonic Gift Cards – A Guide About Sonic Gift Card Balance & Types 2024

Sonic Gift Cards

Are you wondering what Sonic gift card balance is and what are the types of Sonic gift cards? Well, you are in the right spot. We are here to let you discover the secrets of Sonic Gift Card Balances and explore the different kinds of Sonic Gift Cards. 

Join us as we uncover the details about Sonic gift card balances and types. From checking balances easily to finding the right Sonic gift card for any occasion, we’ve got your Sonic gifting adventure covered.

Let’s get started!

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What Is a Sonic Gift Card And Where To Buy It?

Sonic gift card is a prepaid card that can be used to purchase food and drinks at participating Sonic locations in the US.

You can purchase Sonic gift cards from:

Note: Avoid acquiring Sonic gift cards from outlets like Target, Amazon, and Walmart, or any unauthorized sellers. Doing so risks the card’s deactivation by Sonic.

Sonic gift cards

What Is Sonic Gift Card Balance? 

Sonic gift card balance shows how much money on your card is ready to be spent on tasty treats. Whether you want ice cream at a Sonic Drive-In or to order online from the Sonic website, it’s a good idea to know your gift card balance before ordering delicious Sonic treats.

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Types of Sonic Gift Cards

There are two types of Sonic Gift Cards:

Sonic Drive-In Physical Gift Cards:

  • Available for purchase at all Sonic outlets.
  • Denominations offered: $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Sonic eGift Cards:

  • Conveniently buy online via the Sonic website.
  • Denominations available: $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Both card types can be utilized for any item on the Sonic menu, whether in-store or online.

You can gift a taste of Sonic’s delectable offerings to friends, family, or colleagues. It’s an excellent way to express gratitude, celebrate occasions, or simply spread the joy of delicious treats!

Ways to Check Your Sonic Gift Card Balance

Curious about how much is left on your card? Here’s how to check your Sonic gift card balance:

  • Online: Visit the Sonic website, go to “Gift Cards,” and enter your gift card number and PIN for a balance check.
  • By Phone: Dial Sonic customer service at 1-800-SONIC-OK (1-800-766-4265) and ask for a balance update.

With either method, you’ll see your balance in dollars and cents, getting you ready for your next Sonic adventure.

How To Check Sonic Gift Card Balance?

Here’s how you can check your Sonic gift card balance: 

  • To check your Sonic gift card balance, click on the provided link. 
  • Once you’re on the ‘Reload Your Gift Card – Step 1’ page.
  • Keep in mind that it might take up to four hours to reload your SONIC® Drive-In gift card. 
  • After the process is complete, you’ll receive a notification to the email address you provide on the next page.
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You’ll need:

  • GIFT CARD NUMBER: Enter your 16-digit Gift Card Number (without spaces).
  • PIN: Input your 4-digit PIN.

By keeping your card loaded, you’re ready to enjoy your favorite Sonic treats anytime! Follow this link for a hassle-free way to discover and manage your balance, ensuring you never miss out on your cherished Sonic delights! Check the Balance from the Sonic Gift card from here:

How To Reload The Sonic Gift Cards?

To reload your Sonic Gift Cards:

  • Start by visiting the link given. 
  • Follow the instructions under ‘Reload Your Gift Card.’ 
  • Please be aware that reloading a SONIC® Drive-In gift card may take up to four hours. 
  • You’ll receive a confirmation notification at the email address you provide once the reload is successfully completed.

Reload your Sonic Drive-In Gift Card by clicking on this link:

Helpful Tips For Using Your Sonic Gift Card

  • Safety First: Keep your card secure to avoid complications. Replacements are challenging to obtain if lost.
  • Know Before You Go: Check your Sonic gift card balance before making any purchases. This ensures a hassle-free transaction.
  • Online Orders: When making online purchases, double-check that the gift card number and PIN are entered correctly.
  • In-store Purchases: Let the cashier know you’ll be using a gift card before they process your order for a seamless transaction.

SONIC® Gift Card Key Points

  • Expiration & Fees: Sonic gift cards have no expiration date and no fees.
  • Balance & Reload:
    1. Check or reload your card at [].
    2. Alternatively, call 1-888-272-6547.
  • Usage:
    1. Use the card for purchases at participating SONIC® locations in the U.S.
    2. Note: eGift and digitized cards are exclusive to the SONIC® App and cannot be used for online orders via the website.
  • Refunds & Cash: Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or refunds unless mandated by law.
  • Purchasing Other Cards: Your Sonic gift card cannot be used to buy another gift card.
  • Issuer: Sonic Value Card LLC is the main issuer and can delegate its obligations.
  • Reselling & Fraud:
    1. Unauthorized reselling of the card is prohibited.
    2. Sonic can deactivate cards from unauthorized sellers or those involved in fraud.
  • Card Type: It’s neither a debit nor a credit card.
  • Loss or Damage: Sonic won’t replace lost, stolen, damaged, or unauthorized use of cards.
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By purchasing or using the card, you agree to these terms.


Can I use eGift cards at any Sonic location?

No, Sonic eGift cards can only be redeemed through the Sonic app and are not valid at drive-in stores or on the website.

What is the balance on my Sonic gift card?

To check the balance on your Sonic gift card, you can visit the Sonic Drive-In website ( and enter your gift card number and PIN.

Does SONIC have $10 gift cards?

Yes, Sonic offers gift cards in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Can Sonic gift cards expire?

No, Sonic gift cards never expire and there are no fees associated with them. You can check your card balance by visiting the Sonic Drive-In website.

Can you text a Sonic gift card?

Yes, with Sonic GiftYa, you can conveniently send a gift card to anyone with just a few taps. Customize your GiftYa with a photo or logo, and select from a wide range of Sonic gift cards. Your gift card is sent instantly via text, reducing the risk of loss or theft compared to physical gift cards.

Sonic Customer Services

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Sonic gift cards bring together the best of choice and the joy of giving. They’re perfect for any food lover.

Whether you’re giving one as a gift or using a received card, make sure you stay informed about checking your Sonic gift card balance. After all, being prepared always makes for a better dining experience.

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